Finding Your Edge:
How to Win at the Game of Commercial Real Estate Investing

If you want to grow your wealth by investing in commercial real estate, knowing how to choose properties or funds with great potential returns will save you years—even decades—of wasted time, energy, and effort. Real world strategies and techniques will give you the edge to compete and make great decisions.

When Jeremiah Boucher began his career, he didn’t know anyone in the commercial real estate community. He found his mentors in books, online courses, and conferences. Learning the game from the ground up, he has become one of the nation’s top investors in alternative commercial real estate. By finding new ways to find deals, make connections, and add value, he discovered strengths that ultimately enabled his success. The foundation for it all was the mindset he developed to win at the game of commercial real estate investing. In Finding Your Edge, he shares his knowledge and perspectives to enable your investing success.

With the insider information and strategies he shares, you can find your own strengths, your own edge, whether you want to build a portfolio or learn to evaluate and choose passive strategies like commercial real estate private equity funds to grow your wealth.
Edge Principle 1: Find Your Value in the Deal and Your Skills
Edge Principle 2: Innovate to Gain an Edge
Edge Principle 3: Stay the Course to Win
Edge Principle 4: Never Get Too High, Never Get Too Low
Edge Principle 5: Real Estate Is a Relationship Game
Edge Principle 6: Trust Your Instincts

Win at the game the smartest and most powerful play

Discover the benefits of commercial property investment and start growing your wealth today.